and so it was an interesting week – client wants to move away from formal courses

Got a new project assigned to me this week. This client has been using formal, web-based courses and online, multiple-guess tests for quite some time. There are four courses that they’ve now asked me to look at and come up with recommendations for other ways to deliver this training.

And why do they want to move away from WBT?  Because the content changes so frequently that updating these static courses and then putting them back onto the LMS is too time consuming and costly.  They want to have greater flexibility when it comes to time-to-deploy and the way learners/users access this stuff.

I only just started looking at these courses and online tests … trying to see how these things are designed and how they might be pulled apart for deployment some other way …

I’m also thinking that much of this stuff will no longer be thought of as a formal training program when I’m done with it. But that’s okay … it’s what’s best for the client and the user/learners that’s most important.

So far – a pretty fun project right now.


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