Visuwords – Really neat visual dictionary

It’s all about relationships, baby … and the richness of seeing (this works for me since I’m a very visual learner) the relationships.

Visuwords is the latest thing that’s made it into my bookmarks. It is graphical dictionary where you can see relationships of words and concepts to others.

Here’s where I typed “learn” … (You’ll have to click the image to see it clearly … sorry ’bout that … ).


On the site after you get the display, hover your mouse over each node to see the definition. You can even click the node to focus on it and get a new set of relationships.

An interesting part of the display is that it shows relationships of concepts one to the other. They have a key (again, you’ll have to click to see it clearly) :


That explains the color coding of the nodes and the lines/arrows. Very cool.

I like that it not only shows similar concepts but it also shows antonyms and non-examples and how they relate to the word being defined.

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