This is why I don’t use AT&T

I’ve gotten used to getting calls on my home office phone where the caller is looking for a previous owner of the phone number. I politely tell them that this is now my business number … they invariably say ‘sorry’ … and it’s all done.

Except for these last five days … yep – I keep getting phone calls from an automated AT&T number these past five days … sometimes three times each day.

They are calling me by mistake … but the catch is 1) it’s an automated system – no human is on the other side for me to ask they stop calling, and 2) there is no option for me to indicate not to call my number any more.

What this automated voice tells me is to call a different number to participate in a (get this!) customer satisfaction survey.

Alert! – I’m not an AT&T customer.

But according to automaton #1, “someone in this household recently made a purchase at an AT&T or Cingular store.” NOPE! Didn’t happen. …

But I want to get them to stop calling my work number several times a day … so I play along and call the 800-number. What do I get?

Another automated system that offers no way for me to have them stop calling me.

I was hoping for some kind of option like, “If you wish to be removed from our calling list, please press …” But nope! nada – zip – zilth – nothing. 

And I defy any ordinary person to find a “don’t-ever-call-me-again-you-stupid-idiots!” phone number on AT&T’s web site. (I tried to find one – no luck).

This is yet one more reason why I don’t use AT&T/Cingular … and it is yet another reason why it would take a hellish freeze for me to be a customer of theirs in the foreseeable future.


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