Lost my grandmother

It’s times like these where things are brought into very sharp, clear focus. I’m likely not going to blog for awhile as family matters will be taking up most of my time.

Today I lost my grandmother (who just passed her 91st birthday) – a woman who helped raise me and was one of the strongest women I’ve known.

My grandmother 

Never had an easy time of it … what with coming from a broken family herself and having to suffer an abusive husband, eventually raising her children on her own with no support.  I’d never known her to speak ill of anyone … not one shred of it.

For grandma, family was second only to her faith. And she was quite the ‘prayer warrior’ … holding her children, grandchildren, and her great-grandkids in constant thought and prayer … 

As for me, she was a rock … she never gave up on me (even when I was all too willing to give up myself) … she was my ally, a teacher, my mentor, my guide … she was my hero. 


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I make my home in the central part of the Garden State along with my family. When I'm not working as an Instructional Designer (focusing mostly on Web-Based learning ... and other eLearning technologies) or researching something, I'm found at home playing computer or video games. Among other things, I volunteer as a choir member and catechist for 8th graders at my parish.
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6 Responses to Lost my grandmother

  1. nkilkenny says:

    I am saddened to hear of your loss. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. Sometimes I think we ‘younger-ones’ need more role models from an elder generation. Sometimes I feel like an island with no connection to the past and having people who are older around me to connect me both to the past but the wisdom of experience.

  2. Rory says:

    You are so kind to post yout comment, nkilkenny. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Tom Turner says:

    Albeit tardy, my deepest sympathies to your family on the loss of a wonderful woman. My prayers go out to you and your family. The way you describe your grandmother truly is a trademark to what Tom Brokaw describes as “The Greatest Generation”.

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi, I am sorry about your loss. It is one of the hardest things that we all have to go through. I am losing my grandmother anytime now. She is 93 1/2 and she also raised me. She has been wonderful to me but now her body is just weak and she is not able to breath right. I am scared and just happened to come across your letter with your grandmothers picture.
    I am scared and need somebody to talk to that has gone through the same thing. My life will never be the same. My grandfather is also alive and is crying already about losing her. They wre married 72 years in November. This is so sad for us all.

  5. Rory says:

    Cindy, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Part of my solace was, and remains to be, talking to others about grandma – her life and tremendous gifts of support and love she gave. And my and our family’s faith certainly helps.

    I hope that you may have some measure of peace.

  6. Jasmin says:

    I too lost my Grandmother 2 weeks ago. I know what you are going through, it is an emptiness that no one can fill. She was 93 and she was the Pillar of Strength to the family. She was the glue that kept us together thoughtout the years. She was our nurse, cook, parent, bestfriend and the person we would run to when something went wrong. She lived a great full life, she went to be with her husband which she has not seen in over 39 years. It was her time to go and have a dance with her true love. And i have Faith that she will save a dance for me when i join her. I will forever miss and love her.

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