Cart before horse example 2 – SL demo for a client

Got an email from the CLO of one of my clients …

[Company name] will present to the Learning Community a new technology that is catching momentum in learning and business. This new technology is called “Second Life” and is a virtual world where you create a image of yourself (avatar) and “live and work” in a virtual environment with others. [Company name] will present this new technology to showcase the future and how Learning can utilize it.

I’m feeling like this is a cart-before-the-horse kinda thing.  A couple of months ago this same client hosted a “tech expo” where several vendors were invited to peddle their wares … And again, I felt like this was some kind of technology-looking-for-a-solution. 

I wrote about Second Life before … and I’m sorry to say that I still don’t quite get it … it’s still boring.

BUT … as some kind of platform for learning … now THAT does have some promise, I suppose …

Then again … I find some real concerns about SL as a platform for learning simulations and such. 

And particularly when it comes to this client … I get very worried … after all, at the recent ‘tech expo’ this client signed a deal with some vendor and then wanted my firm to design and develop all sorts of training using this vendor’s product. OOPS! It didn’t work in their LMS.  That just slipped their radar – the client never thought to test it out first (relying on the vendor’s answer of, “Yes. [Name of tech/product] works on all current LMS systems.”) … … ummm … not quite.

I’ll just have to wait to see what transpires from this presentation. (Keeping my fingers crossed).


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3 Responses to Cart before horse example 2 – SL demo for a client

  1. Tom Turner says:

    I’ve expressed concerns a plenty about Second Life and its uses in education. I realize that it’s a grand idea to hold professional development. Having been an online gamer for the past 10+ years, I find the interface very bulky. And like you…I find it very boring.

    Not to mention the “red light” districts are abound out in SL. No thanks!

  2. Lady Rose says:

    Second Life – I don’t get it either. *shrugs* Way more fun living in the real world of my first life, who has time for a another life that isn’t even real.

    I’m in the central Jersey area too! small blogosphere. Lady Rose

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