Coventi: so far my choice for collaborative writing apps

I discovered Coventi on or near mid-March this year and thought to give it a go.

The other day I found a blog entry at Solution Watch – “Writeboards on Steroids” … and I have to say that I’m siding with using Coventi more and more as my collaborative writing app of choice … more so than others I’ve tried (like GoogleDocs and a variety of wikis) …

The feature that I dig the most is the ability to highlight a doc online and then comment and/or make an edit to just that one piece.  The commenting then turns into a discussion – right there next to the document itself – where I and the others can follow a train of thought to help us decide what to include or exclude or change about the document itself.

This is way cool!  I absolutely hate hate hate having to checkout/check-in stuff on so-called collaborative or sharing platforms. 

The other significant challenge in my work is the use of those “track changes” features in document apps. UGH! They are fine when there’s only one (maybe two) editors making revision suggestions; but when there’s lots of ’em then the track changes get way too unmanageable.

With Coventi’s highlight-and-then-comment-and-create-a-discussion feature, we are able to see both what the edit suggestions are and why … and we don’t have to confuse the document’s content (which is one of my problems encountered with using wikis for collaborative writing).

I’ve been using Coventi with a lot of success in projects – particularly when working with offshore partners in India.

I say that this is my collaborative writing app of choice now!

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2 Responses to Coventi: so far my choice for collaborative writing apps

  1. Mike Berta says:


    Great blog, I stumbled on it while looking for information on PLE’s. Then, down the rat hole I went. Coventi looks like an app I can use working with my student colleagues in collaborating on documents for class. I can see other applications for it, but got to start somewhere.

    I don’t think this takes away from wikis completely. But for document control, this might be the trick I need. Like you, I hate doc control, mostly I hate that others don’t do it well and it becomes a nuisance after a short time. Maybe this is the golden ticket I needed to make my life a little simpler.

  2. Rory says:

    Thanks Mike for the comment.

    I agree absolutely that Coventi won’t take away the use of wikis; yet I’m finding that its more about the right combination of tools and apps that give me the most ‘bang.’

    And Coventi has become a fav of mine.

    Good luck with the student colleagues.

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