"One Sheeters" – need to find a way to communicate specs quickly and easily

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I have used a wide variety of documents and doc templates in design work.  Probably the worst experience was being told to use a single template format which was to be used by the client, by the developer, by the programmer, and by the SMEs.  One document and one template format for so many different readers/users of that information. THAT was a huge disaster – because every person had a different need in reading the design doc and they had to use the information in such different ways.

I’m all for standardizations – where appropriate … and though I have been known to ‘buck the conventional wisdom’ particularly among my work colleagues … I have come to appreciate the need for using standardized formats and such.

One group, however, that I believe have little to no need for a detailed design document (even though this is what we currently do) is the client-sponsor.  They may go by a different name to others … the client-sponsor is the one who actually pays the $$ for the project.

And with my recent projects the client has been in the senior level executive arena of the client company.  And the last thing they need or want is to read a big document that is chock-full of details. They just don’t have the time.

Then I found “one sheeters.”

I recently tried this format for my current project … and it was met with success and approval.

Now I have to work to convince my colleagues that this is something we should include in our good ol’ bag-o’-tricks.

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