We are educating people out of their creative capacities – TED Talk Video

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There really aren’t a lot of podcasts/videos/etc. that I revisit time and time again … but I’ve listened to the MP3 and watched the video several times.

Consider that children who are just starting school now … they’ll be retiring from their work near the year 2067.

What will the world be like at that time? … Well beyond my imagination.  And yet, we are trying to educate people to be able to adapt and respond to this completely unknown future.

The blurb from the TED site:

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it. With ample anecdotes and witty asides, Robinson points out the many ways our schools fail to recognize — much less cultivate — the talents of many brilliant people. “We are educating people out of their creativity,” Robinson says. The universality of his message is evidenced by its rampant popularity online. A typical review: “If you have not yet seen Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, please stop whatever you’re doing and watch it now.”

Absolutely worth a view …

With a past employer … our motto/theme was “All Power to the Imagination” … imagine a huge, billboard-sized painting at the top of the building for all to see as they drove by.  I try to remember this motto each day.


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