Following up on PLEs

Okay – my  previous post, here, was just a collection o’ links with two very general observations on my part.

Ray Sims has joined in – check it out – where he offers his thoughts.

PLE are very personal both in the sense of being independent of the university or employer and in the sense of being hand-crafted — although a bit necessarily too hand-crafted today.

I say, Amen to that.  So much of the conversations around PLEs can go to one side of near anarchy … be too hand-crafted, as Ray puts it. 

But where do us lil’ ol’ ISD-ers fit into the scheme of this? Once again, Ray offers a great point:

I see the opportunity for Learning Communities to facilate some common toolsets where the community members have an easy-to-get-started-with PLE that easily integrates with others in the same learning community, while also are connected to others outside the community.

What I dig from Ray’s post is his synthesizing all the other contributions and thoughts about PLEs … and trying to put it together into something cohesive and workable. He is not prone to ‘high-falutin’ lingo or a pop-psych approach to these ideas.  The ideas are being worked out in a simple, direct way.


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