More PPT to Web Stuff – social networks (cool) – bad content (still around)

I’ve tried SlideShare … hey! it’s pretty good.  For what it is meant to do … I’m very very leery of folks using bad ppt presentations that reflects poorly on the tool itself … I’m just not a big fan of slapping powerpoint decks onto the web – as though that will make them more appealing to a larger audience … okay … rant is over (for now).

And comes AuthorStream …  think of these sites/services as kind of a ‘YouTube for PowerPoint’ where you can share a presentation via email or embed it into a web page or blog entry … you can rate them, comment on them, etc. There’s Scribd  … ZohoShow is another …

 All of these make it really really easy to put presentations onto the web and to share … Great!  (This can be an interesting way to do some screencasting – although these tools aren’t necessarily designed for screencasting per se … could be done.)


One of the challenges, of course, is to create presentations that are interesting, intriguing, engaging, entertaining … which, frankly, is the challenge in using PPT anyway whether or not you’re going to post it onto the web. 

Several years ago my team used one of the first PPT-to-the-Web tools from a major, well known organization.  “Hey! This is going to be fantastic! Think of the possibilities in getting content out to users so quickly!” we all thought.

Yes, the content got out quickly … but was it good content? … in many situations it was not.  It mattered not what tool we used, the nature and design of the presentation’s content was critical. 


With these tools available now (SlideShare, AuthorStream, Scribd, ZohoShow, etc.) there is the social networking aspect … which for me is really really intriguing … perhaps the wheat and chaff will be separated … but more importantly I can see this as a way to learn how to get better and better at making compelling, interesting, engaging, fun, (whatever) stuff. 

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