List of Online Collaboration Tools and Services

Lots of links/sites and tools to explore from this article

to research and bring together the very best in terms of online real-time collaboration tools which can be used to enhance, extend and amplify your communication reach when working at-a-distance.

Here is a first partial collection of such research presented in the form of a few short focused mini-guides, originally prepared for online language facilitators who need to navigate the vast sea of collaboration tools and technology options now available to them.

  • Screen-sharing
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Whiteboarding and Live Annotation
  • Web Presentation
  • Instant Messaging
  • Online Video Publishing And Sharing

While these introductory short guides intend in no way to be final and fully comprehensive references for the different application scenarios covered, you may find these quite useful in helping you rapidly identify the most appropriate tools to consider for your personal online collaboration needs

Add to this some items cited by Mark Oehlert in this blog entry … I’m interested in exploring SPresent a bit more …  

The other thing for me now is coming to grips with ways to bring others over to the light side … adoption of these tools and tools like these.  Hmmmmm


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