Collanos: H’awesome and Free Team Collaboration

Cut to the chase … you must check it out: Collanos Software (first saw this featured on Collaboration Loop)

Did I say that you must check it out? …

I have been looking for some kind of collaboration tool or suite of tools for my client … especially to use in my current project with them. And Collanos seems to fit the bill.

It reminds me a lot of Groove … this was something that I found and used a few years ago … then it was bought by Microsoft … and it completely disappeared from the face of the earth. (Of course! Groove was a competitor and better product …. Now that I think of it, I hope that Collanos can survive).

Is Collanos better than Sharepoint? In my opinion it is for what I need at this point in time.

I’m liking it – its ease of use … its intuitive design …

Did I mention that you must check it out?


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  2. Gil Heiman says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Collanos will survive and be better than Groove!
    This will be accomplished by continuing to focus on addressing the needs of ad hoc teams, providing the weakest link/member of a team with a dead-easy-to-use application.

    Within two weeks we will be launching new features: Login/out, offline invitations, central user directory and the…Conflict Bin to allow restoring overwritten file versions.
    In the meantime, the community is at the driver’s seat and we’re happy to see you all steering us in the right direction.
    Hope you don’t mind if we use your quote on our web site:
    “I have been looking for some kind of collaboration tool or suite of tools for my client … especially to use in my current project with them. And Collanos seems to fit the bill.”

    Gil – Collanos Software

  3. Rory says:

    Hi Gil –
    I’m really glad to hear about the new features coming and the amount of support.
    (By the way … I didn’t have any problems with Groove … and I’m really really hoping that Collanos is around for awhile.)

    Feel free to use the quote. Thanks for asking.

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  5. Gil Heiman says:

    Hi Rory and Rory readers,

    We just came out with a new version this week, Collanos Workplace 1.1, with some major enhancements and features.

    This includes a new Conflict Bin that allows you to restore overwritten file versions and our CUD, Central User Directory, which further enhances our goal of creating ONE global Collanos community where users can easily find each other and invite them to share workspaces/projects (even offline!).

    If you have a chance, please give it a try and send us your feedback (support AT collanos DOT com).

    If you still have installed the previous version, just run the application and you will be prompted to update. Keep in mind that with this new release users need to create for the first time a Collanos Name and Password.

    If you are creating a fresh install, be sure to remove older installs and data.

    Release Notes (highly recommended) are available on our user forum.,811.0.html

    Gil – Collanos

  6. Anonymous says:

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