Speaking as an immigrant myself … I’m digging content discovery

Tom Haskins has compiled a list of characteristics between ‘content delivery’ (the old model) and ‘content discovery’ … some fine points are made – check it out

For me the money quote is at the end of his post where he posits:

Digital natives take content discoveries for granted when they are online. Classrooms seem antiquated because they perpetuate the content delivery paradigm. Content delivery systems will fall by the wayside as they no longer make sense to their customers.

I first heard the terms ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’ when I was in som conference quite a few years ago – where Marc Prensky was on a panel … and I thought to myself at that time that the distinction was going to become more and more pronounced. Little did I know! … It has become so pronounced as to be a chasm in some cases (especially if one’s company is led by digital immigrants who act more like digital ‘know-nothings’).

The changes required (these changes are not optional!) in transforming out classrooms, our learning designs, our corporate intranets, our customer service are going to make my head spin soon. 

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