"Focus should be on design and adoption patterns" – Maybe the CIO’s and their minions are just plain wrong

From ComputerWeekly … an article that makes some really great points (although I must admit that I was skeptical from its title) – Social software is improving collaboration

The end of the article has some bullets on how to implement …

Implementing social software in the enterprise

  • Governance is critical. If your organisation is not ready for informal, community-centric practices to improve communication, information sharing and collaboration, social software will likely fail in a general sense (it may still succeed if applied around specific applications)
  • Include groups involved in organisational development and human capital management
  • Expect a short lifecycle for any investment
  • Continue to monitor the market and the maturity of the technology
  • Do not standardise too quickly on a single supplier
  • Investigate and document both project success and failure


This is interesting given that not too long ago Nicholas Carr cited some data about US organizations and their willingness – or lack of willingness – to adopt Enterprise 2.0 techs: Two views of Web 2.0 in business

Ross Mayfield wrote about this phenomenon as well – Being the Choice Leader; and More Enterprise 2.0 Statistics

When I first read these about one week ago, I imagined that there would soon come a time where individuals and small groups of folks in an organization would ‘just do it’ and essentially create their own under-the-radar-social-networks by using techs without the approval of the IT group.  And that the CIOs and their IT (ahem) leadership are actually going to foster this underground movement because of their positions.  (okay – okay … not all CIOs and IT leaders are like this … just speaking from experience, I’ve not yet found one that “gets it” with regards to Enterprise 2.0 … yet I’m willling to concede that there are folks who do.  My request is that those who do please enlighten those who still cling to the dark side … )


I’m not advocating for chaos or for renegades in the enterprise (tho’ they will likely never disappear entirely).  Of course, governance is critical when rolling out to the enterprise.  But the thing of it is that Web 2.0 techs are developing and transforming so quickly that it really doesn’t make a lot of sense (in my humble) to go to only one provider.  And what of those companies who focus on only one thing – and do it really really well ?!?


Maybe we have to wait until the Net Generation becomes CIOs of organizations … but then again, they’d probably just leave and start their own company.


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