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From Rick Nigol on his blog (Breakthrough eLearning) … Wikinomics and Learning

Smart organizations realize that knowledge and ideas within the organization are often compartmentalized and inaccessible to most. They are finding ways to expedite knowledge sharing within via collaborative online tools. And really smart organizations also realize that internal knowledge is finite, and are finding creative ways to tap into the vast knowledge afforded by Web 2.0

Hooray!! and Alas!  There are smart organizations … maybe I’ll get to work for or with one of those someday.


Rick reflects on what this means for learning; and he calls to mind his experiences with IT folks … folks who have a predilection for self-directed learning / in the moment knowledge / just in time problem solving, and who’ve toyed with all sorts of Web 2.0 stuff. Cool! 


I’ve met a bunch of these kinds of folks too.  Sadly, my experience also seems to be that once these folks move up the IT food chain and actually have decision-making responsibility in controlling what types of platforms, tools and apps are to be adopted and used by the enterprise they suffer from massive memory loss … forgetting how they once preferred to learn and experiment and explore … and they become massive roadblocks to innovation, collaboration and coordination. (Not all, mind you! … but enough of them seem to turn to the dark side)


Realizing that your knowledge is generally inaccessible to most … hmmm … a definite ‘brain drain’ is coming sooner than we all thing what with the retiring of the boomers.  And if we don’t work on tapping into that knowledge – collect it, categorize where necessasy, and manage it for others to use – then we are in BIG BIG trouble.  And collaborative techs (web 2.0 stuff) may just be one way to pull this rabbit out of the hat … just have to get the dark jedi IT folks onboard.

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