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As part of the JISC funded ‘SPIRE’ project we ran a survey to try to discover which online services people were using and in what manner. We were interested to find out which services were popular and if they were being used for work, for study or socially / for fun.

The report is available for download at Some real data on Web 2.0 use as a
PDF document

(I highly recommend you check out the comments as well, since they provide folks’ take on the results)


A few of my thoughts – for what they’re worth – on the results …

Wikipedia reigns supreme … and I find it telling that the survey authors have placed it in the “collaborative authoring” category, which makes a whole lot of sense in that individuals can (and do) contribute to an entry.

And I find it very intriguing that the most users by age range are mostly under 18 and between 65-74. The first one makes sense to me in that I would assume students would use Wikipedia as a resource for school. Yet, the more senior generation is as much a user group as the school kids … huh


Online Calendars (Google and Yahoo) take the top when it comes to scheduling and such … far outweighing things like Outlook, particularly among the ‘younger generations.’   Couple that with IM use and I can see how presence is something important.


The online gaming was a bit of a surpise, with World of Warcraft taking the lead (again mostly with the younger crowd), surpassing Second Life by quite a large margin.


What comes as no surprise is the age breakdown … with under 18 and 18-24 making the largest user base of Web 2.0 apps.  From a corporate ISD-er, this is something we definitely have to pay attention to as these folks enter the workforce today … they’ll become much more the majority in the next few years. Instructional design needs to embrace the use of Web 2.0 as part of our work … do I hear “informal learning”?


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