So Long Pandora- it was nice – but Internet Radio is just going to go away … so much for US leadership in tech

Long title for this post – sorry ’bout that … but there are a few implications that come to my mind in this ever-flatter world.  More on that in a bit … but first:

I should not be astounded by the lack of thought   common sense   intellegience … oh, I give up … they clearly lack something – and it ain’t smarts …

The Copyright Royalty Board (I didn’t even know that such an org existed!) has issued new rules that can very well (and quickly) end Internet Radio in the US.

WSJ article here

Another link

And something from Pandora’s blog

Musing #1 – since this would only apply to US-based broadcasters, this does nothing to really protect artists nor to assist them in getting fair payment for their music.  We can see the emergence of Internet radio coming from other countries.  Ergo, the artists these idiots  lobbyists  organizations proclaim to protect will lose out anyway.

Musing #2 – is it possible … just ever so possible that a different business model should be figured out?!?  This is what we in the learning community / profession are struggling with … trying to figure out our relevance, contribution, process, whatever regards to learning and learners in this ‘flat world.’  Just as current, well-worn models for learning and ID aren’t making the grade (pun intended), so too these current business models or regulations are way off the mark.


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