Collaborative mind mapping – I’m lovin’ it

For the visual learner in me … my primary preference (which is odd given that I’ve been a music student and professional musician for a long time – one would think I’m more auditory … but for me it’s more about spatial relationships which can be seen in my mind’s eye rather than being heard as tones. Subject for another post … I digress)

I use mindmapping and concept mapping for so many things – meeting agendas, presentations, whitepaper outlines, instructional designs … you get the picture. When my team leader asks for my ideas about something, I usually whip out a quick mindmap (like this one – click the image to see it … it looks much better)

And I’ve mentioned before how I use various tools to help me get – and stay! – organized.

A few of my colleagues and team mates have taken to exploring the use of mindmapping – perhaps not as rabbidly as I do. And the one thing that we really needed was to be able to collaborate in real time …

Sure – we will often use our enterprise-wide IM and meeting platform. Then one of us has to share our desktop, then give everyone permissions to edit … works okay – and is necessary for things that are proprietary or require a secured server to protect our client’s information. It is a bit wonky, though, because this was platform was never meant to do what we are asking of it now.

NOW … for those moments when we don’t have to worry about intellectual property, client data and the like I’ve started using online (dare I say “web 2.0”?) tools. They are quick, easy and much more intuitive than our inside-the-house platform. They are designed to do only one thing – and they do it well.

So far, I’ve played around with … and have found it really really good.

Now, This post  introduces another player: MindMeister. It’s in private beta – so you have to request an invite to play … but it, too, looks promising and useful.

The value for me in these kinds of tools is that they are easy to get to, focused on a specific function, and pretty intuitive for users (geek and non-geek alike).

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