Hawsome! Easier editing in PBwiki

Getting onto the wiki train has been a series of bumps in the road … one of the biggest challenges has been getting my colleagues feeling comfortable with wikitext editing … sure, it may be easier than other markup formatting – but it still meant having to get comfortable with something new (and not altogether intuitive).

Sure – there should be the ability to format and edit content without relying on wikitext … a promise not always realized unfortunately.

For awhile, one of my favs has been PBwiki … among my reasons is that it’s free. This gives me and my colleagues a chance to experiment in using it. Setting it up as a private wiki makes it more like a sandbox environment.

But it was still a challenge in getting folks to contribute because of the requirement to format in wikitext. As you can see here … although you can click a few formatting buttons (B, I, U, etc.) the markup shows as !! and # and ##. Not a big deal for geeks and folks who just jump into things; but it is still a bit unnerving to many of my colleagues. (best to click the images below to see them clearly … my blog template kinda scrunches graphics … )

standard editing interface in PBwiki

Now the folks at PBwiki have made editing and formatting much easier with the point-and-click editor. Hooray!

new point-and-click editor in PBwiki

This look so much more like a standard word processing program … so its familiarity should make folks much more comfortable editing / adding / formatting entries and pages in the wiki.

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