Ways to promote adoption of a wiki (and to stifle adoption, too)

( Wiki Patterns )

 The first big decision is whether or not to use a wiki … is this situation / problem / need / etc. suitable or best served by using a wiki?

Then comes the ‘talking it up’ with colleagues and team members … this’ll probably be a small group of folks who are

  1. willing to experiment,
  2. willing to provide really good feedback on the tool and our process in using it,
  3. willing to fail – and then learn from the mistakes

(this narrows the field down quite a bit for me … but being limited in scope is a good thing at the moment)

Now I’m looking at a kind of ‘blank canvass’ … how in the world are we to set this up, format it, lay it out, moderate … and be sure that we’re not stifling our creativity and excitement that made us say, “okay” to the idea of using a wiki in the first place?

Along comes Wiki Patterns … WOW!! Just what we need.

UPDATE 2/21: an excellent post from Collaboration Loop.
Looks like WikiPatterns is catching on and making the rounds of the blogosphere. Good!

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One Response to Ways to promote adoption of a wiki (and to stifle adoption, too)

  1. Michelle Laurie says:

    Hi there.
    Somehow the wordpress blog linked me here through a tag which I don’t quite get yet however…..I read your blog and I am in this exact situation. I have not convinced people to use the WIKI yet but rather am organizing a meeting for about 50 people from around the world that need to prepare, collaborate and work together. The WIKI will hopefully make preparations easier as well as sharing information. Once the meeting ends in about a month, I hope to know if this is a form of communication that could work for these folks!

    will keep ya posted,

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