Dejas Vu All Over Again (not everything needs to be in the LMS)

A few years ago I had a conversation (nearly approaching an argument) with a colleague when our client was deploying a new LMS. The gist was that there was an EPSS which, he claimed, needed to be placed in the LMS (up to that point the EPSS was simply sitting on a server … folks could just launch the URL and they’d be getting the help they sought).

His position was that we needed to track who’s (uh-hum) “taken” this and who “completed” it. Two words that should NEVER be used in the context of an EPSS … one does not ‘take’ an EPSS – one accesses or enters the EPSS … one does not ‘complete’ it – one gets the information needed and gets out.

With some arguing and much gnashing of teeth, my colleague relented …

And now! … it’s happening again … This time it has to do with podcasts.

Our client is very interested in pursuing podcasting for some learning needs … and my colleague’s initial reaction is to put it back into the client’s lap by saying that the audio files need to be hosted on the LMS.


Suppose that these podcasts are each 5-6 minutes long and are designed to support learners or to deepen learning (in an informal sort of way) … so … my colleague’s position would require:

  • the user has to log into the LMS, then
  • search for the new podcast file, then
  • ‘enroll’ in the podcast (after all – if it’s in the LMS, then it is a course for which you enroll, right?!?), then
  • launch the podcast, then
  • get marked as ‘complete’ … if indeed the user listens to entire thing …

… if they’ve not given up by now because of all the hoops they’ve had to jump through

Okay … my point is that not everything has to be in the LMS … particularly when our client has stated its vision to include: “Make learning easy”

LMSs have their place … but not in this case.

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2 Responses to Dejas Vu All Over Again (not everything needs to be in the LMS)

  1. Clearly, the person who wanted to put the EPSS into the LMS did not understand the classical “Goria Gery” definition (and the many that have followed) that treat the whole issue of just-in-time access and immediate performance support very seriously.

  2. Rory says:

    You are absolutely right, ACJG.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    This colleague has been slowly relenting about everything having to be in the LMS – but it is slow going.
    Hope springs eternal.

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