Follow up: How the offshoring presentation went

So, the presentation (link to my previous post) to my team mates in my firm came and went … With nearly 50 of my colleagues in attendance during the “bring your own lunch” (BYOL) session … the hour focused on

  • personalizing the offshore team – introducing them as people rather than ‘THEM’
  • giving some perspective on how best to communicate with the offshore team
  • providing some tips on how best to work with the offshore team … what works well (and some perspective to keep)

All in all … not a bad time … yet I just felt like I was talking into this black hole at times.  We used a telephone conference line and an online meeting platform for this session … I created a PPT deck … and it was pretty much a “me talk, you listen” kinda thing. I tried to set their expectations around this – likening it to a “drive-by conversation” … and that we’re planning to have another session very soon … this next one will be more interactive with Q&A.

There is considerably more work to be done … in getting everyone on my team onboard with effective partnership with our offshore team. Some are there right now. Others will take longer.


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