The Web 2.0 Video

Just had to post it – embed it, actually (I needed to learn how to embed vid on WordPress) … the more I contemplate it … WOW! This is definitely the best explanation on what is Web 2.0 …

Here’s the thing about this … notice no voiceover … nothing that says, “By the end of this tutorial you will be able to blah-blah-blah …” … At first it may seem as a bunch of disjointed images.

I can only imagine what it would have been like if this were developed by an Instructional Designer … I’m guessing that they’d suck the life out of it completely. (Bear in mind that I make my bread and butter as an ISDer … I’m trying not to throw the stone in a glass house … but I digress)

But the WOW-ness of this video to me is that it is 5 minutes – no voiceover – no enforced ISD structure … it almost seems stream-of-consciousness-like, but we all know that this took a great deal of design skill to put it together …


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