More on eLearning Adoption – still disagreeing, but…

Rick Nigol hit upon my blog entry that commented on one of his articles about elearning adoption as a strategy for success. (view his comment)


I really appreciate Rick’s taking the time to comment and clarify. And I certainly respect anyone who is willing to play in the blogosphere – putting ideas up for all to read and comment …

But I still fundamentally disagree with his premise. To my mind, completion is never any measure of success for an elearning solution. Rightly, Rick notes that “butts in seats” is not a success measure by any means; and he also correctly distinguishes between showing up and finishing up.

He does make a very good point about adoption planning – getting to the heart of ‘how can we be sure that those who need this learning/training will actually take this learning/training …

But completion?!? Nope. Here is where Rick and I part company. Even assuming that the entire learning experience is valuable (strongly doubt this is the case in the vast majority … and I speak from painful experience, too) … it is a huge huge leap to say that everthing is valuable to all – which, therefore, requires them to complete the program. Ugh.


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