Need to Sustain Conversations

Sometimes I come upon things that (for no apparent reason) hit me square inbetween the eyes … POW! … and this happens to be just such a moment for me.


Tony Karrer has a post that deals with some difficulties in using blogs as learning tools or platforms, given their often fragmented nature of posts and comments (unlike a discussion board where posts are supposed to be related to each other within one thread). It’s an interesting post – well worth checking out … but THIS is what kicked me in the side of the head:

I actually think we are not particularly good at starting and keeping conversations going in the world of eLearning. We all need to work on the skills, but we also need to figure out the questions…

“… we are not particularly good at starting and keeping conversations going …”

Ain’t that the truth?!!?


Years ago I was a part of an official community of practice … it just fizzled out after a short while. After that I was a moderator for an online discussion board within the learning community at work. It, too, died an abrupt death … just from lack of interest and involvement.

Then more recently, I started working on a newly formed R&D group within my firm … although it’s not yet formally disolved into nothingness, it is dying a very slow death as the individuals in the group just “don’t have the time” and such to continue meeting, discussing, exploring, learning, etc.

The problem is that if we, as learning and instructional design professionals, don’t continue our own conversations … we fall gloriously behind the curve. We fall behind those whom we are supposed to serve.

Yes … we are all ‘pressed for time.’ Who isn’t? But I somehow manage to find (or make) the time to do that which I want and value. Among my resolutions this year is to find/make time for my own individual – and professional – learning … to be more in control of my time to accomplish this. So, I need to (and dare I say that we all need to) sustain our conversations. Otherwise we will become just another blip on the radar that is ignored.


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