This Is the Way We’re all going to Learn (eventually)

From Tom HaskinsI found it inside my blog reader! …

“All these bloggers I subscribe to appear to be learning without formal instruction … All these bloggers are self directing their own learning proceses, motivating their own progress, synthesizing their own meaning and constructing idiosyncratic mental models … How did all these bloggers get so resourceful and practiced at learning informally from the blogging they are doing?”

 Moments of “ah-hah” like this can be very very very frightening for many folks … especially for us (ahem) professionals in the learning design/training field.

If a collection of bloggers can be so successful in learning without the intrustion intervention of a instructional designer mucking things up, then … we must ask ourselves: what value do we indeed bring to the table?

It is likely that we will try to hold onto what we’ve done in the past (more of the same/same old-same old) … change is daunting – yet we have to change or we become extinct (at least we’ll become irrelevant … not sure which is worse)

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